4. Improve your... Reading Skills

Reading is a great way to learn new words and to test your understanding of grammar.

Find something to read in English - books or articles about something you like. Pay attention to the grammar used and test yourself to see if you understand why it's used in that way. When you find a word you don't understand, BEFORE you use a translator, try to guess what the word might mean. In books and articles, there are many clues around the word. Then translate it and see if you are right. Whenever it's a noun, also go to Google images and see how it looks—visuals help. And you may find it’s a little different to what you call that object in your language. 

Do this for at least 15 minutes every day (again, as you get better, you can do this for longer). 

TIP: Comic books are great for reading and learning, as there are also pictures to help you see context and there is less text.